February 17, 2013

Beautiful Man

I've searched high and low for Lori McKenna's "Kitchen Tapes" version of this song. Alas, it's not to be found. There's nothing more honest than Lori's raw version of this song. But Mandy, besides being married to the awesome Ryan Adams, gets closer than anyone else so I'm okay with posting this version. :)

And really . . . the only reason I'm posting this, this particular Sunday morning is that it's what is inspiring my new burst of creativity. So before I lose it, I'm off to work on my editing my novel...

"I should have whispered in your ear when you were lonely.
I should have taken you, taken you by the hand.
I should have told you you were, you are worthy.
I, I should have shown you you are,
You are a beautiful man."

 ~ Lori McKenna

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