February 17, 2013

Ready to be Embarrassed

I don't know about you but I fight, at times, against the person God has made me to be. I argue. I ignore. And when it comes to the artist in me, I wait for inspiration to come that will make me want to write something different so I don't have to write what is on my heart to write.

But that inspiration doesn't come. It's not that the inspiration is not there - it's most definitely there. It's that I somehow feel that I'm supposed to write something else. Why? Other people's expectations. Fear that too much of my heart will be seen in the words that spill out across the screen or across paper. A strange belief that it will lead to discontentment {don't ask}. I could go on.

But if there's no honesty in the words that you write, you're selling your gift short and you're living halfway as an artist. I'm ready to write the work that "is on the verge" of embarrassing me. Damn people's expectations. Damn a lifestyle that keeps me from writing what I mean to write. And damn my own fears. It's now or never.

*I don't know the original source of the poster above. But I found it, here:  http://pinterest.com/pin/109986415871752344/. 

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Cynthia Avalos said...

Keep writin' girl.