March 8, 2013

"we make the only permanent tenderness"

I'm quite inspired these days. I cannot help myself. I'm looking forward to a weekend of writing and editing. And a new novel is forming. I plan on striking while the iron is hot. So yeah. Please excuse me while I go for it. :)

Love Sonnet IX
by Pablo Neruda

There where the waves shatter on the restless rocks
the clear light bursts and enacts its rose,
and the sea-circle shrinks to a cluster of buds,
to one drop of blue salt, falling.

O bright magnolia bursting in the foam,
magnetic transient whose death blooms
and vanishes--being, nothingness--forever:
broken salt, dazzling lurch of the sea.

You & I, Love, together we ratify the silence,
while the sea destroys its perpetual statues,
collapses its towers of wild speed and whiteness:

because in the weavings of those invisible fabrics,
galloping water, incessant sand,
we make the only permanent tenderness.

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